madnax is
a universe
born from
a cataclysmic event
leading to
a very particular alignment of particles
that coincide
in both space and in time.

At its center of gravity, is American-Swiss duo (Nathan, Max). It’s a timeless story in which the sum of parts equal more than the whole: after years of mixing together, these two kindred spirits have found an equilibrium between their individual, complementary styles and their overlapping musical tastes.

madnax DJ sets contrast gravity and levity. They rhythmically glue the crowd to the dance floor with the deep grooves of house, techno, and funk while guiding their listeners’ heads into the dreamy outer atmosphere with carefully selected melodies and beautiful harmonies. In the presence of a madnax DJ set, audiences feel lifted in spirits and can't help but smile; it must be the infectious transmission of their pure joy to share, listen, and dance to music.

Nathan previously worked as a scientific researcher, obtaining a PhD in neuroscience with a thesis that investigated the cognitive mechanisms of brain-machine interfaces. He honed his techniques and poured his spirit into creating sonic waves as a member of Love Bunker . Max is the director of an event production and music management company and one of the founders of the Caprices music festival. His dance floor credentials include previous management of various international DJs while working for Cadenza Records.